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Count: 23

He Found Me Barbetti, Whitney 2015-12-11
The Air He Breathes Cherry, Brittainy C. 2015-11-16
Elastic Hearts (ARC) Contreras, Claire 2016-03-16
Kaleidoscope Hearts Contreras, Claire 2015-12-12
Paper Hearts Contreras, Claire 2016-03-10
The Boy Most Likely To Fitzpatrick, Huntley 2015-11-12
I’ll See You in Paris (ARC) Gable, Michelle 2016-01-03
Confess Hoover, Colleen 2015-11-05
Lucky Me (ARC) Kapur, Saba 2016-03-06
In Place of Never Lindsey, Julie Anne 2016-02-15
The Two-Family House (ARC) Loigman, Lynda Cohen 2016-02-24
In Real Life (ARC) Love, Jessica 2016-02-16
Love or Justice Mannino, Rachel 2016-04-07
Finding Hope (ARC) Nelson, Colleen 2016-03-05
Flat-Out Love Park, Jessica 2015-11-25
Seven Ways We Lie (ARC) Redgate, Riley 2016-01-06
My Kind of Crazy (ARC) Reul, Robin 2016-03-13
These Vicious Masks (ARC) Shanker, Tarun & Zekas, Kelly 2016-01-03
See Me Sparks, Nicholas 2015-11-02
Ink Sun, Amanda 2015-12-03
Vince’s Life Teves, Vince O. 2015-11-21
Beyond the Stars (ARC) Wise, Stacy 2016-02-08
Will You Won’t You Want Me? (ARC) Zelevansky, Nora 2016-03-19

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