About the Blogger
My name is Audrey. I’m currently 26 and reside in central Canada. I’m a university graduate who holds a Bachelor of Arts degree — I majored in Classic Studies and have a minor in Art History. I had dreams of working in museums and art galleries, but I love books. Being around books, reading them, organizing them, just books, books, and more books. So I left home for a while to go back to school for Library Information Technology and am in the middle of working towards my diploma. I’m also toying with the idea of an MLIS, but we’ll just take it one step at a time, I think. I have experience working in a public library and getting involved in some volunteer work, as well. My current day job is in Records Management, and my biggest aspiration is to combine my love for history, art, and books and working with archival and classic materials. I’m giddy even thinking of the possibilities.

About the Blog
Audrey’s Bookcase is a personal journal of sorts. It’s a search for the perfect book. That journey only starts by delving into as many stories as humanly possible. This blog will provide reviews and musings on different types of literature, book-related happenings, and the odd life experience.

I spent many, many years reading YA novels, but also really enjoy historical fiction from any time period. I live vicariously through strong heroes and heroines in exciting fantasies, and lovelorn protagonists in contemporary romance novels. I dabble in graphic novels and manga, as well as the odd non-fiction book. Memoirs and biographies are a few of my favourites. I like reading in the comfort of my room or study, but you can spot me reading while enjoying a nice cup of coffee or tea at a shop. I’ll usually photograph it and post about it, because that’s just how the world of social media works these days. I say embrace it — I love seeing and hearing people share their thoughts on their latest reads.