Product Review: Personalized Monogram Ex Libris Rubber Stamp

I know it’s been a while since I posted anything substantial besides scheduled reviews, but there’s a reason. I was trying to brainstorm ideas on how to expand my little blog. Plus I came back from vacation at the end of January and I’ve been in a post-vacation haze for almost a month now. I’ll post more about that another day, because wow was New York incredible. But without further ado: the real point of this post.

I’m starting a new monthly alternating product haul/product review feature on the blog (that’s a mouthful, I’m not officially calling it that — I’ll think up a better name later). I buy way too much book-related merchandise and figured, where better to share than with all of you? I’ll do a haul post or a review post depending on what and how much I get that month.

My first product is a review for this Personalized Monogram Ex Libris Rubber Stamp (Product ID H16) from AsspocketProductions on Etsy. First of all, the shop name made me chuckle. Of course I’d buy from there. Second, I was hunting high and low for months for a personalized stamp small enough to apply to all of my books and wanted one that wasn’t incredibly fancy. I’m a simple person and this design was perfect for me.

The design itself is 1″ x 1″ with the default text reading “ex libris” (Latin term for a decorative bookplate applied on the inside of books in order to identify who owns the book). I wanted “ex libris” specifically, because… hi, Classics major. I love Latin. And it looks cool. It is personalized, so you can fit a name with up to 12 characters along the bottom — that includes spacing and punctuation, and your first initial in the middle. If you visit the product page, you’ll be able to see the font used for the monogram. The fonts aren’t customizable, but I think both fonts are elegant in their simplicity.

As for the hardware, I got it wood mounted and it came with a convenient wooden handle. You can insert a label to identify the stamp, which I did by simply printing one out on Microsoft Word and cutting it down to size.

This particular stamp cost me $15.69 CAD ($12.49 USD) when I bought it in April 2015. I’ve used this on every single book in my personal library, and about 340 stamped books later, the quality now is still as good as it was when I first got it.

I was delighted when it arrived in the mail so quickly; I immediately reached for a stack of books and got to stamping. I tend to always use black ink, though I do own a brown stamp pad as well (both purchased from Michaels). And a good thing about this stamp in particular is that it’s not difficult to clean if I do want to switch colours. It can get difficult because of the dotted borders, but that’s nothing a good stamp cleaner can’t fix.

All in all, very happy with this purchase. The owner, Stacey, is great in communicating and hand makes each stamp. She also ships internationally and combined shipping is automatic if you order more than one. Which is great if you want to pick one up for yourself and a friend; it makes a great gift — I think anything personalized does, really.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I do not have any affiliation or relationship with any of the creators or sellers of these products. Purchases were personally made by me. Photos were taken by me, and reviews of the products are based solely on my opinion.


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