Feature & Follow Friday #1

fridayHappy Friday, everyone! This week, I’m doing Feature & Follow, hosted by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read. The point is to promote your blog by visiting and following other blogs to grow your network. Each week, the hosts will post a question on their blogs.

If you could write a book, what genre would it be?

As much as I love reading paranormal and fantasy, I don’t know if I’d be very good at writing it. If I could write under either of those genres, I’d go with a fairy tale retelling or a book very loosely based on one. I’ve always loved fairy tales growing up, and it’s fun to imagine where else the story can go or how one tiny factor can change everything. I say “if” and “could” because I’d be too obsessive over staying genuine to the source material and not smearing all over its good name. I know I’d have difficulties taking liberties with stories that I’ve grown up with and found personal connections with. But you never know until you try, right?

What I do dabble in is contemporary romance and historical romance. “Dabble” might be an understatement. I’ve written a handful of short stories and have been working on a novel that’s a contemporary romance over the last few years. Every single time I come up with a plot, it’s under either of these genres.

Black Friday Eve! You have $100 to spend on books. What are you going to buy?

I’d buy books that I’m missing from a series. Or I’d buy new editions of my favourites. One that I can think of off the top of my head is the Mortal Instruments series with the new covers. I currently only own ‘City of Bones’, so I’d dish out money to buy the rest of them all in one go.

What about you? What genres would you pick? Are any of you writers and what genres have you written in? I’d love to hear about it.

If you’re interested in participating in the feature, make sure to follow the hosts and visit their sites to link up. Or if you’ve already done that, leave me your link in a comment and check out the sidebar to follow me here on WordPress, as well as Bloglovin (which I just signed up for today); I’m also on Instagram at @arydwn. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


11 thoughts on “Feature & Follow Friday #1

  1. Rosie @ Rosie Reads says:

    Fairytale retellings are awesome – one of my favorite genres. I’m still waiting on a futuristic Pocahontas retelling… (if it’s not written soon, I might have to take this into my own hands).

    I’m a new follower! Happy Friday! 🙂


  2. Maria Behar says:

    Oh, I totally agree with you! I need to complete some series myself. Luckily, I have the complete hardcover set of The Mortal Instruments series! (And I need to start reading it, lol.) I would love to also get the series with the new covers, though. Yup, I’m a book geek that way! I know I will LOVE this series, so I wouldn’t mind getting it again, with the new covers!

    As for series I need to complete, there’s the Vampire Academy series, the Starbound series, the Lunar Chronicles series…..”So many books, so little time.” Frank Zappa sure had it right!

    Thanks for sharing! : )

    Here’s my own FF post:



    • Audrey Dawn says:

      I obsess over TMI in particular; I have a duplicates of paperbacks and hardcovers, and if I get the new covers I’ll have triple of each book. Lol. Oh well. I hope you enjoy it when you do start reading the series!!

      I haven’t read VA yet even though I own the ebooks for a few of them. Same with the Lunar Chronicles — I’m hearing amazing things about Winter.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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