Vince’s Life by Vince O. Teves

20151121Title: Vince’s Life
Author: Vince O. Teves
Series: Vince’s Life (Book #1)
Publication Date: May 2, 2012
Publisher: Summit Media Publishing Inc.
Format: eBook
ISBN: 9719270683
Rating: ★★★★☆
Purchase: Amazon
Summary: From the pages of Seventeen Philippines magazine comes the book that chronicles real college life: making the grade, forming friendships that will last the rest of your lives, charting your future, and falling in love possibly for the first time. For regular guy Vince Teves, every significant experience during the four years that would shape the rest of his life was worth remembering. This is his story.

My Thoughts:
Initially, the material from Vince’s Life was published as a monthly column in ‘Seventeen’ magazine in the Philippines. Judging by the title, it’s quite obvious that the story is based on the real life of the author, Vince O. Teves. I picked up this book because, as I mentioned in another post, I’m so heavily invested in reading as many novels by Filipino authors as I can from this side of the world. I chose Vince’s Life as my first venture into my own little personal reading challenge — and by the end of it, I knew I made a really good choice.

This was a quick read; the Kindle edition came up to just around 150 pages. And as much as I love eBooks, I just wish I had a physical copy of the book. Pretty sure I’ve scoured the entire Internet thrice. It wasn’t just because it was short that I managed to finish this (and the other two books that make up this trilogy) in one day. It was because I couldn’t put it down. It reads like a journal where Vince chronicles his experiences as a teenager transitioning into adulthood. Right by his side are his ever-loyal and ever-entertaining friends to help him navigate and grow as individuals themselves. The core focus of the story, however, is his budding relationship with one of his good friends, Andrea. It’s your typical “friends-into-lovers” storyline, but their journey is complicated with different situations that Teves writes with such sensitivity and sincerity. There was no shortage of cheesy lines and clichés — I watch a lot too, too many Filipino soap operas everyday, I was kind of expecting it — but despite that, the book was a simple and realistic look at the joys and hurdles of growing up.

Overall, what appealed to me most about this book was that it’s categorized as “chick lit” but written from a male’s perspective, and he pulls it off so well. Male or female, anyone can relate to his story and will walk away reminiscing about your own experiences. We all face the emotions and realities that line the pages of this book in one way or another, and that’s a huge reason why I enjoyed this book as much as I did.



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